Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is the Soundtrack to My Life...

"Drive"- Incubus
This song perfectly describes my life and how I feel everyday. When I get overwhelmed, I just have to remember to breath and be the driver of my own life. I won't get anywhere by relying on other people to help me all the time.

"I'm Already There"- Lonestar
This is a song that will always be near and dear to my heart even though I don't particularly like the song that much. My dad used to travel a lot for his work and was never really there while I was growing up but I was still daddy's little girl. Whenever I did get to see him we would always go on daddy daughter dates and take his trans am car out for ice cream together. One day when I got in his car, this song was playing and it made me cry. He told me how he went out and bought this cd so he could listen to every time he had to go away for work and it would make him think of me and by brother and my mom and that we shouldn't worry or miss him when he is gone because he is "already there."

"Swing Life Away" -Rise Against
My senior quote came from this song, "I've got some friends some that I hardly know but we've had sometimes I wouldn't trade for the world." Basically every word of this song describes my life.

any song by Avril Lavigne
Any Avril Lavigne song describes most of my life. I developed my first trend obsession from her in 5th grade when I decided to be punk. Ha. What a joke. Lisa and I were obsessed with all Avril Lavigne songs and when she died I have continued to keep her close to my heart.

"Billy Jean" -Michael Jackson
My mom and I would dance and sing and watch the music video to this song (and every other Michael Jackson song) on VHS hahaha. Good times that I will never forget.

"Mean" -Taylor Swift
Basically every Taylor Swift song is literally the story of my life. However, sad and depressing that may be. I jam out to Taylor Swift with my boyfriends little sister when we have bad days or a boy did something stupid, again. I also listen to T Swift with most of my friends. The boys on my floor this year sing Taylor Swift in the shower and that is something I will never forget.

"Teenage Wasteland"- The Who
This song makes me think of all my friends and my life from 8th grade up until senior year. All my friends are I were sitting around towards the end of our senior year and thinking about all going off to college and how sad it will be and then my good friend Danny just out of the blue starts playing this song and says how one day we will all be back in town together and we will play this song and everything will be just like it was. I will never forget that day and what he said.

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