Monday, November 21, 2011

Research Sources

O'Brien, J. (1974). THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT AND THE WAR. Radical America, 8(3), 53-86.

 “The simplest definition of the anti-war movement is that it was composed of those people who believed that the war was wrong and who participated in actions aimed at stopping the war.” (O’ Brien, 1974, p. 54)

This source is a section out of a book called Radical America which I found a copy of online through the database searcher. I believe it is a very creditable source because it was listed on Brown's University Library Center. I can use this source to give background information on the anti-war movement. It contains questions as the heading of sections throughout the book answering things like what the anti-war movement was, what type of people it consisted of and how big of a group and movement it was. 

Vietnam and Opposition at Home. Wisconsin Historical Society. Retrieved November 21, 2011 from

According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, “Students marched to protest the Vietnam War, burned draft cards, and confronted army recruiters. In October of 1967, UW students protested against the makers of the weapon napalm, Dow Chemical Company, who were recruiting at the Madison campus.” 

This site is more specific, on Wisconsin history. I trust this site because it is the Wisconsin Historical Society and a ".org" not a ".com." I can use this quote, along with other situations described on the page, to exemplify the impact of the UW-Madison students during this anti-war era. My new research topic is on the effects of the Vietnam war on society, mainly the anti-war movement going on during it and particularly the events that partook on the UW-Madison campus. 

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