Monday, October 17, 2011

Night of the Living Dead

In the sixth chapter of Jon Ronson's, The Psychopath Test, we are introduced to Al Dunlap. Al used to be the CEO of Sunbeam, a company that made toasters, and he quickly shut it down. Al was known for enjoying firing people and closing down plants. Jon went to meet Al Dunlap at his mansion in Florida. All over the mansion were statues of predator animals and large oil paintings of Al, his wife Judy, and their two German Shepard dogs.When Ronson went on to explain how being so successful and interested in the predatory spirit can be seen as psychopathic, Al seemed reluctant at first. He soon agreed to be asked about the personality traits. Al's responses were always business or leadership "positives." He never seemed to think any of these traits were bad. Although, Al was in a committed loving relationship for 41 years and had some sense of emotion, the other traits were scored very high.

Again, I find these chapters intriguing. I can vividly picture Al Dunlap's mansion with all the statues, paintings and gold. I wish I could go meet some of these people in person. The more and more I read this book, the more I am starting to believe that you could call anyone a psychopath if you really look in to things. The case with Charlotte, she had to find bookings for reality tv shows by listening to saddening stories. She eventually had to learn to get past those feelings of remorse. Even sharing the story of the boy who cut his wrists with her on the phone,m didn't seem too shocking to her. Is Charlotte a psychopath now cause she only care about her job and has no remorse or emotions? The more I think about it, I feel that a lot of the people I know are psychopathic .

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